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Are you looking for a plasterer? Our Exeter based team of professional interior and exterior plasterers work with you from the start of your project right through to the finishing product. We understand the importance of being able to have a professional smooth finish on your walls ready for the decorating to begin on your home. We take great care when working in your property and tidy up the location once the work is completed.

Different types of plastering works

Plastering or two coat plastering
Plastering is a method using British gypsum Multi finish plaster in a two coat applications with a total thickness of 3mm using and undercoat followed by a finish coat. This is carried out over walls and ceilings and when complete ends up with a smooth finish that can either be painted or papered. This system has advantages over the rendering/plastering and skimming, as the two coats dry quicker than traditional render and finishing plaster meaning a quicker drying time and less time on site. It also shrinks lees which in turn reduces the risk of cracking. Different undercoat plasters can be used dependent on the background to be plastered and the final finish requirements. It is also possible to use different undercoats such as bonding to damp treated walls, low suction back grounds or set the finish plaster harder to create a greater impact resistance.

Plaster skimming is a top-coat of plaster which is used to cover-up defects and imperfections by restoring the surface of a wall or ceiling to a smooth and level finish. Skimming is often used when old wall paper has been removed and this either damaged the plaster underneath or the plaster has cracked or come of the wall.Skimming plastering can give many of the benefits of a traditional plaster finish combined with a faster turn around time on site. Application involves using joint reinforcement tape followed by plaster being applied to walls and ceiling using a trowel to a thickness of 2mm.

  • Artexing
  • ProRend
  • Coving
  • Rendering
  • Screeding
  • Skimming
  • Plasterboarding

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